Marcura Group is the platform for launching and operating financial and information service companies for the global maritime industry based on compliance, independence, transparency, trust, and efficiency.

Today Marcura companies include: DA-Desk, CP-Desk, PortsDirect and PortPoint. Each company is focused on an innovative business process or solution that facilitates trade, improves efficiency, and increases transparency.
Marcura provides shared resources and technologies for these operating companies. By offering strategic drive as well as business and product support, we help management teams build long-term value for all stakeholders while securing that compliance and transparency is integral to all processes.

Marcura Equities FZE is the parent company of The Marcura Group.

Business Development

Group Business Development nurses, qualifies, develops and manages business ideas from the very early embryonic state to full businesses in operation. Its goal is to help develop new, sustainable product and services for the operating companies. It seeks to engage customers, potential business owners and developers by focusing on user experience, customer value and compliant business models.


Group Finance supports a broad range of strategic projects and tactical initiatives related to the group’s overall mission. This includes forecasting, budgeting, accounting/auditing, capital allocation, financial planning and analysis, and the identification of income-enhancing and revenue-generating opportunities.

Legal & Compliance

Group Legal & Compliance assists the boards of the companies in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities related to promoting an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. It also provides advice and counsel with regards internal controls, risk management, contract negotiations, and the handling and disposition of important legal matters.

Public Relations

Group PR assists the management executives of the companies in charge of messaging and content creation, product launches, media relations, and social media strategy and execution.

Product Development

By leveraging the latest technologies, tools and expertise. Group Product Development transforms product ideas to world-wide consumed online services as well as sophisticated back-end process support. It considers the overall user experience a strategic element of any software solution and is committed building and maintaining a strong UX team in order to develop particular excellence in this area. Composed of 3 teams (Product Support. Feature Development and Project Development), the unit spans two locations: Dubai and Ukraine.

IT Operations

Group IT Operations is responsible for Marcura’s IT strategy. It provides group-wide solutions for operational IT infrastructure. It focuses on ensuring the integrity, quality and consistency of IT projects and deliverables; system operation and maintenance; systems availability; and unwavering systems security.

Sales & Marketing

Group Sales & Marketing assists in promoting the business lines of the operating companies and efficiently driving sales. It provides market intelligence and facilitates meetings with key people and potential business partners to further the marketing goals and strategies of the Group as well as build better relationships with existing and prospective customers.

HR & Administration

Group HR & Administration supports the Group with regards HR policies, recruitment, resource allocation, key personnel compensation, executive duties and leadership development. 


Marcura is the Group holding company with ownership of currently five operating companies serving more than 200 leading maritime organisations worldwide.

Each operating company, and the holding company, has a duly elected Board of Directors, which meet on a regular basis.
The roles and responsibilities of the Boards are in line with typical commercial organisation boards.

Although the current Group holding structure is relatively new, set up in late 2009, the operating companies have been in existence for a number of years.
DA-Desk is the largest independent provider of port cost management services.  Its mission is to increase transparency in the disbursement account (DA) process, create operational efficiency, and improve the price-value relationship for both principals of shipping companies and port agents. DA-Desk is focused exclusively on the DA process, via three services PortSpend Management™, PortPayables® and DA-Compliance®.  

Since its founding in 2001, DA-Desk has helped customers transform port cost management practices and establish new standards for efficiency and oversight. The company has grown at an average rate of 24% per annum.
PortsDirect is an independent contract management solutions company focused on the vetting of towage service providers, procurement of discounted rate agreements, and the administration of these agreements for the benefit of shipping companies and suppliers. PortsDirect partners with towage providers that offer both quality service and favorable pricing. The company passes the entire negotiated savings directly to its customers and receives no commission from suppliers. PortsDirect charges customers a transparent fee for its services. www.portsdirect.com
CP-Desk focuses solely on one labor-intensive, time-consuming administrative aspect of the maritime shipping industry—charter party management. The company introduces a structured disciplined approach to charter party management. This enables owners, operators, brokers and charterers to concentrate their time and attention on vital operational issues, while mitigating the risks of commencing voyages without a duly signed contract. www.cp-desk.com
PortPoint provides port cost estimates based on historical port call data allowing Charterers and Operators to make better informed decisions regarding voyage calculations and agency choice. PortPoint customers also have access to the DA-Desk directory of almost 10.000 agents. www.portpoint.com




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